Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flying Outfit

No I am not a pilot. You will soon see this once you see what I have determined is my June 2, 2011 flying outfit. :)

My goal: cute, functional, comfort. I hope you find what I decided on to be along these lines. I am not one of those people that just wears sweats to fly even when I was doing red-eyes all the time to get back to school after vacations home.

So my top is an $8.00 pocket vneck from Target (I hope you were all saying it Tar-Jay, that's how it was intended...) I have kinda been wearing it nonstop since I bought it a week ago. Not in a gross way just whenever it was clean- I promise ;)


And my jeans are my favorite pair. Super cute and comfy- score. They are Paper Denim and I bought them at Lohmans for practically nothing a few years ago in college. Best purchase. I always feel ok paying $50 or so on jeans since they are such staples in your wardrobe and you get so much use out of them. I always divide the price of shoes, jeans, purses, jewelry, and the like by how many times I wear it and that is the true price! Like it???


Ok that is all I have time for now because I am heading to the airport!!! I am so excited to see B and all my other college friends!

Talk to you soon!!


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