Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cuteness- Plates!

Who new that salad plates could be so cute?! Well I have always been a little crazy about home furnishings, but I am completely smitten with some new plates I just bought from Crate & Barrel

Sorry the picture is dark- the lighting was funny and I was using my antique iPhone
They were on sale for $3.95 a plate which I didn't think was too bad. You can't really tell from my stellar (sarcasm anyone??) picture but it has adorable little dots all in a row along the rim. Precious.

Lately I have been in a hibernation kick to save money for my upcoming move because for the very first time ever I get to set up my house! I am so excited! Before, in DC, I always knew it was only temporary so I didn't want to buy too much (this fact probably drove my roommates crazy, sorry girls). And in my current residence I moved in to a completely furnished house and every time I tried to bring something knew in I would get "scolded" (take that term lightly) because storage was a slight issue because there was already so much. But now something BIG is on the horizon. Are you ready for it? Boyfriend and I are moving in together. On my twenty-third birthday to be exact. On Monday, this coming Monday, to be even more specific.

We are both very excited about it. So this adds a new level of interest to my story.

Now how do I we combine his masculine "I like black, straight lined furniture" (please read that in a man, similar to a caveman, voice. Oh and no Boyfriend doesn't actually sound like a caveman) with my more girly taste?  
This is Boyfriend's bookshelf/store everything shelf just to give you a visual. Don't get me wrong it is not bad. I shouldn't really be complaining. It's just the fact that all of his furniture is the same style, which seriously isn't a bad thing, it's just not very neutral to add a feminine component.

But the truth of the matter is he has most of the furniture, since like I said before I have never had the chance to purchase much, so we will have to beautify (real word? I'm not sure...) with his boy furniture as the base.

So  I we have a pretty substantial project on our hands. Not only do I get to set up my home but I also need to keep in mind his taste and feelings. And I am one lucky girl because my man likes IKEA :) He is excited to go once we move in to pick stuff out. I think it's adorable.

Anyone lived with their man before and have some helpful hints for a girl? Would LOVE to hear them!

(Oh and apparently Crate & Barrel's summer sale is on right now and you can save up to 60%)

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  1. I like that storage wall thing. You could girly it up by doing a lot of things, I suggest making sure that anything you put in there is full of color/bright. If you put too much brown, black or white plain stuff it will look more masculine. Another thing that could be cool but would definlty take more time would be to go to ACE Hardware (or equivalent) and you can get these paints (sometimes in spray paint) where you spray/paint on your furniture and gives it a crackled look which is more vintage/shabby chic but still can work for a guy. You can get them in a bunch of colors etc. Here is an example: You can get crackle paint in all different colors and it will keep the dark wood background. Someday when I get the time and motivation, I want to crackle paint my kitchen charis (which are a dark dark brown) and do each in a different color (red, yellow, green, purple) or something like that.