Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To the Nation's Capital and Back!

Hello Sparklers!

(all four of you!) :)

I am back from the clammy (or should I say dewy? Dewy is more appealing... OK dewy then) dewy city of Washington DC where I went to school. Boyfriend came with me, and I feel I can say with confidence that we had a great time!

I had so much fun roaming the ol' stomping grounds with my best friend B and showing Boyfriend around.   We landed Thursday evening at the ripe time of 8pm and practically headed straight to Cleveland Park Bar & Grill where we not so promptly closed down the bar. Yep, this sparkler was one of four who closed down the perfectly breezy (for DC) rooftop bar.

After sleeping in Friday we headed to the Metro! Ready for it everybody?? Boyfriend's debut on Sparkle!!

We met up with an old friend of mine from school for lunch at Cafe Ole in Tenleytown-ish. It was delicious mediterranean and they have a great outside patio. I'm still thinking about my yummy falafal wrap.

From there I gave Boyfriend the tour of my "Quaint" campus (Boyfriend's words... he he he's right) It was so fun to be back. And great to see my old friends on campus. And no there were no students around. I was slightly over involved and was friends with the staff. I may be a little bit of a dork but I'm OK with that.

Later that day after walking allllll around we met up with B and her Boyfriend M at the Sculpture Garden on the Mall. It was awesome.

B and her Boyfriend M
Crowded and dewy but so fun. The four of us shared a pitcher of sangria and had a chance to catch up.

Can you see all the people who were also there enjoying the fun? I highly recommend spending a summer Friday evening at the park. Lovely.

OK after the sangria and dinner at Shake Shack (pretty delish) we headed to one of Boyfriend's high school friend's place in DC and legitimately hung out. Enough said.

After again sleeping in on Saturday- divine in B's cuter than cute apartment (with her chatty cat) we headed the ZOOOOO. We were on the hunt for some tiger cubs and unfortunately failed (they were not on display...) but we did see an awesome roaring Papa lion- really really cool. We were in the jungle.

Hello Papa Lion
We also saw some pandas. (no cool pictures cause they were inside) But we did take some picture by the classy brass statue. So you kinda get the idea.

And then Saturday night we started the evening by venturing to Mt. Vernon Square to have a BBQ with two of Boyfriend's college friends. It was a great to meet them and hear some of the crazy stories from his past :)

And from there we went out. Oh boy did we go out. We started (if you can call it that)at Dan's Cafe in Adams Morgan. A very interesting place. The first drink ordered was a set of three G&T (so yummy and refreshing) and it came as a bottle of tonic, a glass of gin, a bowl of limes and ice and two additional glasses. That's right folks we became bartenders for about 45 seconds. And from there Boyfriend came over with a $15 squeegee bottle filled with So-Co and lime.

Something like this...
The deal apparently is you put down a $5 deposit for the squeegee and get $10 worth of booze. And when you return the bottle you get your $5 back. Not a bad deal since we got about 5 rounds of shots for about 8 people out of the deal.

Then we headed to Town Tavern and danced up a storm. Seriously.

Sunday- more sleeping in. Hummm I love sleeping.

Once we all sufficiently woke up and were ready to get on with our day (around 3 or so. I swear I am not usually such a sloth) we headed on a brisk hike on a trial about five minutes from B's apartment. See I told you I am not a sloth!

I wish I had a picture for you. I'm really sorry. The hike was beautiful. Each day I said "Today is the day that I will take more pictures" Yeah, well that didn't really happen. I ended the trip with a total of about 8 pictures. Bummer. At the end Boyfriend started refusing to take another "self taken" picture. You know the ones where you pose with your heads close together with one arm out taking the picture??? I know you know what I am talking about.

So one last picture... I'm pretty sure this was taken Friday afternoon... it's another metro picture. I'm sorry. The lighting in the Metro is awful but I was just too happy to be with B that I had to take another.

Picture from Instagram
I had such a great time in the District. Such a great, awesome, lovely time. Can't wait for my next trip. 

Maybe more on my outfits later. It's late...

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