Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Outfit

I know it has been a long time... I'm sorry...

I just say this adorable outfit on and wanted to share. How cute and springy is it! I want the whole darn thing.... Luckily I am halfway there since I already own a blue striped top and white jeans... now for that cuter than cute functional yellow jacket and the blue Hasbeen peeptoes! 

Here are the shopping links- (also from
1) St. James boatneck top (made here in Normandy!), 2) waxed cotton jacket in India Yellow, 3) Levi’s® white ankle-length jeans, 4) Seabag tote — they’re made from recycled sailboat sails, and 5) Hasbeen peeptoes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boogie Time

Uh huh. 

Boyfriend and I stumbled upon this gem over the weekend and I had to share.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

I heart you all!

I hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!

Boyfriend and I are going to make dinner together tonight and we brought a Groupon for a couples massage- as cheesy as that is. I'm excited about it!! :)

P.S. I want a kitty. I miss having a cat to cuddle with so cats are on the brain! When I was looking at an appropriate picture for today's post this one just jumped out at me.  :)

Image is once again from Pinterest, feel free to follow me!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Galentine's Day!


Happy Galentine's Day Sparklers!

Don't know what Galentine's day is? Well I learned about it from Leslie Knope, yessss from Parks and Rec, and it is all about showing your appreciation and love for the special girls in your life. And guess what? You gals are super special to me. I am loving sharing fun things with you and reading your comments. Every time I get an email about a comment I get soooo excited. I love learning about each of you and exploring your blogs too! So fun! :)

Just wanted to share some special thoughts today on Galentine's Day 2012.

True statement. 

We are all precious for all of the little reasons that make us who we are. 
It doesn't hurt to think about that every once in a while and appreciate that.

I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with warm fuzzy thoughts! :)

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Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm hiding vegetables from my boyfriend

So I sound a bit crazy. I swear I'm not crazy. But then again people who are actually crazy never think they are actually crazy...

Well back to my confession. I have been on a smoothie kick lately and have really felt the need to push the veg/fruit intake up a notch. So smoothies and more smoothies it is! 

Wellll Boyfriend is not as big of a healthy eating fan as I am so sometimes I have to trick him... Case in point spinach in the smoothies. The guy is lucky enough to have a charming girlfriend who will make him a smoothie for breakfast before work in the first place! 

On Sunday I came home from one of my favorite places, Trader Joe's, and announced: "oh baby do we have smoothie makings!" For reals. I did. I told him about all the goodies I bought- oodles of bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen berry medley, milk, the best darn yogurt you have ever tasted this side of the Atlantic (more on that later), and spinach. 

Boyfriend made a face and said "not the spinachhh". "Fine, not in yours." I say. 

Little does the guy know he has been sucking down a "delicious! yummy! thank you so much honey!" smoothie every day this week that contains a handful of spinach. This guy is so much healthier and he doesn't even know it. Score one for the girlfriend please. :) 

I hope you all have wonderful healthy weekends! What do you have planned? I'm STOKED that one of my besties is in town this weekend and we are going to my beach yoga class then grabbing lunch at a delicious sandwich place afterwards, then shopping! 

Yay for the weekend and yay for besties!!!! Have a great one sparklers!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't you just love this

I hope you have all had a restful night's sleep!

Image from Pinterest. Feel free to follow me! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very Pinteresting

Happy Wednesday Sparklers!

How's your week going so far? Do you like the new header?!

This has been a busy work week this week so sorry about the light posting. But I can't resist sharing some of my newest (and some oldies but goodies) pins. 

Love the color vibe. I may try and attempt something like this for our bedroom eventually. 

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Love this color combo. I just bought skinny jeans this exact share of pink from Old Navy and I am going to pair it with my chambray top. Yes. Thank you for the fashion inspiration Pinterest.

Oh Peeta- I loved thee. I am excited to watch you in action next month!!! So excited that March is approaching.

 I love everything about this look. 
She is cozy and adorable and sipping on what I am assuming is a caffeinated beverage. Jealous. 

 This is perfect! Genius!

 The new Toms ballet flats!! I love the grey- they would be so versatile. Too bad they are $80 bucks. Not quite in my budget at this point in time...

Thank you again Vintage Apple for dreaming up such a fun way to share Wednesdays!

Are you guys still enjoying Pinterest? I am still as obsessed as ever but I am noticing that I am not finding as much pin worthy stuff as before. Am I just burning out or is the selection not as great??

Also I was at a work meeting today and this woman was informing the group that she is looking into utilizing PInterest for publicizing the non-profit. Ummmmm.... What? Am I missing some huge component about Pinterest? How is said non-profit, and others, capitalizing on the beauty of Pinterest? I will be heart broken if it becomes something other than the place full of pretty pictures of inspiration. Sigh.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a Note

Do you guys like stationary? I happen to love writing notes and especially on beautiful stationary. I actually made my own stationary for my valentines this year and it made me so happy. The entire time I was working on them I just kept thinking "This is nice. This is what Valentine's Day is all about. Expressing your love and gratefulness for the people in your life is so important. This is nice."

By the way gratefulness is a real word I just double checked. And there seems to be a whole moment dedicated to it. Must check that out...) 

Well I was checking out today and she is hosting a Minted Giveaway! Minted has beautiful holiday cards, stationary, journals, and invitations and if you want to venture on over to her site today you can enter to win $100 worth!

I know I probably shouldn't be sharing the news because it dilutes my chances to win but I'm just not that kind of gal! I want my Sparklers to have the opportunity too! And if you win maybe you will send me a handwritten thank you on your beautiful new stationary!

Here are some of my Minted favorites~

Let me know if you enter! Which ones are your favorite?!

*All pictures are from

Friday, February 3, 2012

Instahappiness or Something Like That

Happy Friday Sparklers!

I've decided to join the Instagram February Photo off thang. I don't really think it's a competition so it doesn't really qualify as as "off", but I feel like there will be some pressure to taking unique photos so there. And the graphic does say challenge!

I know I am joining this a bit late, but better late than never I always say. :)

So if you are so inclined follow me on Instagram @Sparklelise. And maybe you even want to join in?! I know a bunch of you have Instagram accounts.
It would be really fun to do it all together!!

Have a wonderful weekend Sparklers!
I'll be in touch over the weekend via Instagram now! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Love

I was recently reminded of the glory that is Bloc Party. And their song Modern Love in particular. And their song Modern Love seems particularly fitting for my Valentines/Love theme that I wanna rock for February. So in case you too are in need of some more Bloc Party in you life- here you go!!

That is all for now. Sharing is caring after all.

XOXO Sparklers!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!!!

Welcome to February! 
I love February. I love that it means we are into the new year, that it is a short month, and that it contains VALENTINE's DAY! 

I love this darn holiday! I know a lot of people don't believe because it is a "made up holiday" but I don't care. I love any excuse to send love notes to my friends and family. And generally spread some hearts and pink and glitter filled love around.

This year I am also participating in the Find Some Love Fest Link Party which should be really fun to see what other fellow bloggers are doing to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.

And since it is Pinterest Wednesday I thought I would share some of my favorite Valentine's themed pins!

I want to do this for the Boyfriend. How neat would it be to wake up to balloons floating above you with fun love notes tied to the end? The original pin suggested having the same number of balloons as years together which would be a neat tradition to start...  
 I am going to do this. I want to paper clip my work papers together with hearts!! Who wouldn't love receiving a very important work memo (ha!!) from me with a heart paper clip?!
 I am going to make this and wear it allllll year long. Yes. Why yes I am.
 Ok not my valentines but how cute are these?! Plus chocolate! And you could even have an impromptu photo shoot with your new brunette mustache before consumption. I pretty much think that that is a must.
 My next nail polish look except I am going to use this vibrant raspberry pink fine glitter that I bought hoping to find a use for when making my valentines. No real Valentine's use so I will have to get creative with my nails! Woo. I love glitter and nail polish. Two of my favorite things! What? You didn't know I love glitter you say? Well I do. True story.
 This might be a fun Valentine's gift for Boyfriend. A week of love notes with little IOUs attached. After dinner Cold Stone date, back rub, night free of doing the dishes- you know romantic stuff. (ha!) Plus candy. Boyfriend LOVVVESS candy.

And last but not least- BACON SHAPED LIKE HEARTS!!! I love bacon. I love hearts. I love bacon shaped like hearts. Happy girl. hahahaha
I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday and welcome to all of the new Sparklers!! 
I am so glad to meet you!