Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick, Quick! Deal of the Century!

Ok well maybe not the deal of the century, I would hope that deal would be something amazing and FREE but still this is a pretty awesome deal. What you ask? Southwest Airlines is celebrating and offering crazy cheap flights!

So grab a friend and go somewhere awesome for practically nothing!

Me? I'm going to San Fransisco, or more accurately Oakland to visit my dear friend M. We have known each other since 6th grade and were pretty much destined to be friends. During award shows (no not the Emmy's or anything, just the classy school achievement ones) we were always seated next to each other because of our last names, and we were always honored for the same ones so we were always up on stage together too. AND if it couldn't get any weirder our parents always unintentionally sat next to each other! Bizarre. But anyways I am so excited to be able to go up and visit her and experience her new city.

Hope you too can take advantage of this awesome deal!


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