Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adorable Hairstyle Alert

I recently discovered a new blog that I've been exploring and enjoying. It's called Cup of Jo

She lives in New York City with her Hubby and precious baby boy and I find their life charming and fascinating. So different from my southern California, early twenties, life :)

Well today as I was browsing I discovered that she has numerous hair tutorials- my new favorite thing!

A couple of weeks ago I was finally brave enough to seek out tutorials on how to curl my own hair in that very in right now loose wavy style. Here was the outcome-

So while browsing Cup of Jo I found this adorable Top Braided Bun tutorial. I think it would be perfect for a Sunday (or everyday really) look.

From Cup of Jo

Complete Disclaimer: This is from the Cup of Jo Blog. I don't want to be stealing, I am sharing.

1. First, part your hair in a deep side part (instead of combing it back smoothly). This makes it look a little less fancy, perfect for bike rides or Sunday picnics. Then gather your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. The higher, the better.

2. Make a loose braid all the way down the tail. Don't braid it too tightly; a little messy is perfect and it will help it look less "ballerina." Secure the end with a rubber band; I recommend clear elastic banks, since they'll blend into your hair color and won't be as visible.

3. Creating a circle on top of your head with the braid. You don't want to wrap it tightly like a bun; instead you want it loose and open in the center, kind of like a braided pillbox hat! (If your hair is really long, you may have to double up the braid, one in front of the other.) When you reach the end, tuck the bottom of the braid under the circle you've created to hide it.

4. Pin the braid in place with mini bobby pins, since they're easier to hide and won't be as noticeable.

5. A few suggestions: I like to make the look a little messier by pulling little strands of hair out at the back and sides, but if you prefer it cleaner, you don't have to do that. And if you'd like, you can pin your bangs out of the way with bobby pins.

I'm excited to try this today. Let me know if it works for you or if you discover any tricks. I'll let you know how it goes for me ;)

Happy Sunday!

Again- Complete DISCLAIMER: The bun pictures and tutorial are from Cup of Jo Blog. They are not mine. I just wanted to share them here on this platform for all of you.

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