Friday, June 24, 2011

A Lovely Evening

I just recently spent a lovely evening sipping wine and reading girly magazines at this place in Ocean Beach

Details Salon Spa
And I had a lovely time. What is better than a little girl talk, wine, and having your hair played with? I honestly don't know. I'm pretty sure my heaven will be a little something like that.

They use Aveda products that smell amazing. I love that. While this evening was not exactly cheap it was waaay worth it. I build this little evening of decadence into my budget so I 'save' for it for 3 months then head in to become glamorous again.

Speaking of budgeting, I use Mint and find it really helpful. It takes some time setting up and once you get over the scary factor that a secure website has all of your financial information (checking accounts, saving accounts, retirement accounts, student loans, credit cards, everything) it is really easy and helpful to use. I have set up budgets for my monthly expenses like rent, groceries, hair (this one is set up to allocate one third of what I expect the total to be for each month for three months), shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, you name it. Then throughout the month I can go to the site and check my status on my spending and see if I have room or if I seriously need to stop spending. Mint also sends weekly emails to keep you informed of your spending so you can't just forget about it. It's pretty awesome, I highly recommend it, oh yeah and its free. EVEN BETTER.


So after Elle worked her magic I looked a little something like this-

Please forgive the mess in the background. That's Boyfriend's stuff and we're moving...
Lovely if I do say so myself. If only I could replicate her magic on my own. Sighhhh
A girl needs a little responsible decadence every once in a while right? What do you do for a treat? Big or small? I think I have finally fixed the commenting snafu situation so comment and lets chat!


  1. I love Mint! I have been using for a while now, and my favorite feature are the graphs that can show you how much you are spending each month so you can compare how much you spent the month before etc. It also alerts you if it rexognizes that you are paying a lot of unnecessary fees (ex ATM, online transaction etc).

    One thing that my boyfriend and I do as a treat, is going out to a nice place for dinner once a week or once every week and a half. We save up by cooking the entrie rest of the week and eating left overs, being creative with cooking (which is also a lot of fun, when he helps with the dishes anyway haha) and then we can afford to go out someplace nice. We almost always go to a new restaurant so we have been able to go to a TON of different places which is really fun!

  2. That sounds like a great idea! I will definitely be sharing that with Boyfriend. He is already good about making dinner and doing dishes but I like the focus on homecooked meals to treat ourselves to a new experience out every once in a while! We definitely don't do that enough!