Monday, June 27, 2011

It is a Big Day!

It is my 23rd birthday and moving day!!!

So far it has been a great day! Boyfriend and I met at our new place where he made me breakfast in our new place! Yay!

Now off to move then dinner at my parents house.

I love birthdays!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adorable Hairstyle Alert

I recently discovered a new blog that I've been exploring and enjoying. It's called Cup of Jo

She lives in New York City with her Hubby and precious baby boy and I find their life charming and fascinating. So different from my southern California, early twenties, life :)

Well today as I was browsing I discovered that she has numerous hair tutorials- my new favorite thing!

A couple of weeks ago I was finally brave enough to seek out tutorials on how to curl my own hair in that very in right now loose wavy style. Here was the outcome-

So while browsing Cup of Jo I found this adorable Top Braided Bun tutorial. I think it would be perfect for a Sunday (or everyday really) look.

From Cup of Jo

Complete Disclaimer: This is from the Cup of Jo Blog. I don't want to be stealing, I am sharing.

1. First, part your hair in a deep side part (instead of combing it back smoothly). This makes it look a little less fancy, perfect for bike rides or Sunday picnics. Then gather your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. The higher, the better.

2. Make a loose braid all the way down the tail. Don't braid it too tightly; a little messy is perfect and it will help it look less "ballerina." Secure the end with a rubber band; I recommend clear elastic banks, since they'll blend into your hair color and won't be as visible.

3. Creating a circle on top of your head with the braid. You don't want to wrap it tightly like a bun; instead you want it loose and open in the center, kind of like a braided pillbox hat! (If your hair is really long, you may have to double up the braid, one in front of the other.) When you reach the end, tuck the bottom of the braid under the circle you've created to hide it.

4. Pin the braid in place with mini bobby pins, since they're easier to hide and won't be as noticeable.

5. A few suggestions: I like to make the look a little messier by pulling little strands of hair out at the back and sides, but if you prefer it cleaner, you don't have to do that. And if you'd like, you can pin your bangs out of the way with bobby pins.

I'm excited to try this today. Let me know if it works for you or if you discover any tricks. I'll let you know how it goes for me ;)

Happy Sunday!

Again- Complete DISCLAIMER: The bun pictures and tutorial are from Cup of Jo Blog. They are not mine. I just wanted to share them here on this platform for all of you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cuteness- Plates!

Who new that salad plates could be so cute?! Well I have always been a little crazy about home furnishings, but I am completely smitten with some new plates I just bought from Crate & Barrel

Sorry the picture is dark- the lighting was funny and I was using my antique iPhone
They were on sale for $3.95 a plate which I didn't think was too bad. You can't really tell from my stellar (sarcasm anyone??) picture but it has adorable little dots all in a row along the rim. Precious.

Lately I have been in a hibernation kick to save money for my upcoming move because for the very first time ever I get to set up my house! I am so excited! Before, in DC, I always knew it was only temporary so I didn't want to buy too much (this fact probably drove my roommates crazy, sorry girls). And in my current residence I moved in to a completely furnished house and every time I tried to bring something knew in I would get "scolded" (take that term lightly) because storage was a slight issue because there was already so much. But now something BIG is on the horizon. Are you ready for it? Boyfriend and I are moving in together. On my twenty-third birthday to be exact. On Monday, this coming Monday, to be even more specific.

We are both very excited about it. So this adds a new level of interest to my story.

Now how do I we combine his masculine "I like black, straight lined furniture" (please read that in a man, similar to a caveman, voice. Oh and no Boyfriend doesn't actually sound like a caveman) with my more girly taste?  
This is Boyfriend's bookshelf/store everything shelf just to give you a visual. Don't get me wrong it is not bad. I shouldn't really be complaining. It's just the fact that all of his furniture is the same style, which seriously isn't a bad thing, it's just not very neutral to add a feminine component.

But the truth of the matter is he has most of the furniture, since like I said before I have never had the chance to purchase much, so we will have to beautify (real word? I'm not sure...) with his boy furniture as the base.

So  I we have a pretty substantial project on our hands. Not only do I get to set up my home but I also need to keep in mind his taste and feelings. And I am one lucky girl because my man likes IKEA :) He is excited to go once we move in to pick stuff out. I think it's adorable.

Anyone lived with their man before and have some helpful hints for a girl? Would LOVE to hear them!

(Oh and apparently Crate & Barrel's summer sale is on right now and you can save up to 60%)

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Lovely Evening

I just recently spent a lovely evening sipping wine and reading girly magazines at this place in Ocean Beach

Details Salon Spa
And I had a lovely time. What is better than a little girl talk, wine, and having your hair played with? I honestly don't know. I'm pretty sure my heaven will be a little something like that.

They use Aveda products that smell amazing. I love that. While this evening was not exactly cheap it was waaay worth it. I build this little evening of decadence into my budget so I 'save' for it for 3 months then head in to become glamorous again.

Speaking of budgeting, I use Mint and find it really helpful. It takes some time setting up and once you get over the scary factor that a secure website has all of your financial information (checking accounts, saving accounts, retirement accounts, student loans, credit cards, everything) it is really easy and helpful to use. I have set up budgets for my monthly expenses like rent, groceries, hair (this one is set up to allocate one third of what I expect the total to be for each month for three months), shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, you name it. Then throughout the month I can go to the site and check my status on my spending and see if I have room or if I seriously need to stop spending. Mint also sends weekly emails to keep you informed of your spending so you can't just forget about it. It's pretty awesome, I highly recommend it, oh yeah and its free. EVEN BETTER.


So after Elle worked her magic I looked a little something like this-

Please forgive the mess in the background. That's Boyfriend's stuff and we're moving...
Lovely if I do say so myself. If only I could replicate her magic on my own. Sighhhh
A girl needs a little responsible decadence every once in a while right? What do you do for a treat? Big or small? I think I have finally fixed the commenting snafu situation so comment and lets chat!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick, Quick! Deal of the Century!

Ok well maybe not the deal of the century, I would hope that deal would be something amazing and FREE but still this is a pretty awesome deal. What you ask? Southwest Airlines is celebrating and offering crazy cheap flights!

So grab a friend and go somewhere awesome for practically nothing!

Me? I'm going to San Fransisco, or more accurately Oakland to visit my dear friend M. We have known each other since 6th grade and were pretty much destined to be friends. During award shows (no not the Emmy's or anything, just the classy school achievement ones) we were always seated next to each other because of our last names, and we were always honored for the same ones so we were always up on stage together too. AND if it couldn't get any weirder our parents always unintentionally sat next to each other! Bizarre. But anyways I am so excited to be able to go up and visit her and experience her new city.

Hope you too can take advantage of this awesome deal!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To the Nation's Capital and Back!

Hello Sparklers!

(all four of you!) :)

I am back from the clammy (or should I say dewy? Dewy is more appealing... OK dewy then) dewy city of Washington DC where I went to school. Boyfriend came with me, and I feel I can say with confidence that we had a great time!

I had so much fun roaming the ol' stomping grounds with my best friend B and showing Boyfriend around.   We landed Thursday evening at the ripe time of 8pm and practically headed straight to Cleveland Park Bar & Grill where we not so promptly closed down the bar. Yep, this sparkler was one of four who closed down the perfectly breezy (for DC) rooftop bar.

After sleeping in Friday we headed to the Metro! Ready for it everybody?? Boyfriend's debut on Sparkle!!

We met up with an old friend of mine from school for lunch at Cafe Ole in Tenleytown-ish. It was delicious mediterranean and they have a great outside patio. I'm still thinking about my yummy falafal wrap.

From there I gave Boyfriend the tour of my "Quaint" campus (Boyfriend's words... he he he's right) It was so fun to be back. And great to see my old friends on campus. And no there were no students around. I was slightly over involved and was friends with the staff. I may be a little bit of a dork but I'm OK with that.

Later that day after walking allllll around we met up with B and her Boyfriend M at the Sculpture Garden on the Mall. It was awesome.

B and her Boyfriend M
Crowded and dewy but so fun. The four of us shared a pitcher of sangria and had a chance to catch up.

Can you see all the people who were also there enjoying the fun? I highly recommend spending a summer Friday evening at the park. Lovely.

OK after the sangria and dinner at Shake Shack (pretty delish) we headed to one of Boyfriend's high school friend's place in DC and legitimately hung out. Enough said.

After again sleeping in on Saturday- divine in B's cuter than cute apartment (with her chatty cat) we headed the ZOOOOO. We were on the hunt for some tiger cubs and unfortunately failed (they were not on display...) but we did see an awesome roaring Papa lion- really really cool. We were in the jungle.

Hello Papa Lion
We also saw some pandas. (no cool pictures cause they were inside) But we did take some picture by the classy brass statue. So you kinda get the idea.

And then Saturday night we started the evening by venturing to Mt. Vernon Square to have a BBQ with two of Boyfriend's college friends. It was a great to meet them and hear some of the crazy stories from his past :)

And from there we went out. Oh boy did we go out. We started (if you can call it that)at Dan's Cafe in Adams Morgan. A very interesting place. The first drink ordered was a set of three G&T (so yummy and refreshing) and it came as a bottle of tonic, a glass of gin, a bowl of limes and ice and two additional glasses. That's right folks we became bartenders for about 45 seconds. And from there Boyfriend came over with a $15 squeegee bottle filled with So-Co and lime.

Something like this...
The deal apparently is you put down a $5 deposit for the squeegee and get $10 worth of booze. And when you return the bottle you get your $5 back. Not a bad deal since we got about 5 rounds of shots for about 8 people out of the deal.

Then we headed to Town Tavern and danced up a storm. Seriously.

Sunday- more sleeping in. Hummm I love sleeping.

Once we all sufficiently woke up and were ready to get on with our day (around 3 or so. I swear I am not usually such a sloth) we headed on a brisk hike on a trial about five minutes from B's apartment. See I told you I am not a sloth!

I wish I had a picture for you. I'm really sorry. The hike was beautiful. Each day I said "Today is the day that I will take more pictures" Yeah, well that didn't really happen. I ended the trip with a total of about 8 pictures. Bummer. At the end Boyfriend started refusing to take another "self taken" picture. You know the ones where you pose with your heads close together with one arm out taking the picture??? I know you know what I am talking about.

So one last picture... I'm pretty sure this was taken Friday afternoon... it's another metro picture. I'm sorry. The lighting in the Metro is awful but I was just too happy to be with B that I had to take another.

Picture from Instagram
I had such a great time in the District. Such a great, awesome, lovely time. Can't wait for my next trip. 

Maybe more on my outfits later. It's late...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flying Outfit

No I am not a pilot. You will soon see this once you see what I have determined is my June 2, 2011 flying outfit. :)

My goal: cute, functional, comfort. I hope you find what I decided on to be along these lines. I am not one of those people that just wears sweats to fly even when I was doing red-eyes all the time to get back to school after vacations home.

So my top is an $8.00 pocket vneck from Target (I hope you were all saying it Tar-Jay, that's how it was intended...) I have kinda been wearing it nonstop since I bought it a week ago. Not in a gross way just whenever it was clean- I promise ;)


And my jeans are my favorite pair. Super cute and comfy- score. They are Paper Denim and I bought them at Lohmans for practically nothing a few years ago in college. Best purchase. I always feel ok paying $50 or so on jeans since they are such staples in your wardrobe and you get so much use out of them. I always divide the price of shoes, jeans, purses, jewelry, and the like by how many times I wear it and that is the true price! Like it???


Ok that is all I have time for now because I am heading to the airport!!! I am so excited to see B and all my other college friends!

Talk to you soon!!