Friday, January 27, 2012

What I'm Reading...

The other week when Little and I went to the library I picked up the book Moloka'i by Alan Brennert because it is a One Book, One San Diego novel. There are technically three books for the year but KPBS (our local NPR station) hosts and organizes various events with the authors throughout the year. Do your cities do this type of thing too?

I thought it would be neat for Little and me to read the books then attend the free author presentations.
I know I'm boring but I swear she likes the idea too!

Anyways- I'm kinda obsessed with the book. Here's the basic rundown: "Rachel Kalama, a spirited seven-year-old Hawaiian girl, dreams of visiting far-off lands like her father, a merchant seaman. Then one day a rose-colored mark appears on her skin, and those dreams are stolen from her. Taken from her home and family, Rachel is sent to Kalaupapa, the quarantined leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka'i. Here her life is supposed to end—but instead she discovers it is only just beginning."

Her story is fascinating and heartbreaking. All I can think about is this book and getting back to reading it! I'm basically mentally in Moloka'i- ha! This book is that funny, touching, informative, interesting, etc.

I highly recommend it and if you decide to read it let me know so we can chat about it! I LOVE chatting about good books with friends!

So I know what I'm doing this weekend (plus yoga, a Little outing, and possibly a DIY project) how about you? :)


  1. This book sounds really interesting!
    I have to say, I don't really like the way the way the cover looks, but you know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover!

    1. Yeah the cover is a bit much but I promise the book makes up for it!

  2. Update: I'm sitting here reading before my date with Boyfriend tonight and got the urge to tell you all again how awesome this book is! There is seriously not a dull moment! If I didn't convince you before maybe you'll take my word for it now. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. I'm sold! And happen to be looking for my next Bart ride read. Sounds like a nice weekend! DW and I had some folks over for a carne BBQ tonight and are heading out in the morning to attempt to get a first come first serve campsite. Must plan a SB camping trip with you soon!!

    1. Good luck with your camping trip!!! Talk to you soon!