Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Better Late than Never...

Not me...

But Happy New Year!

Isn't she cute? I couldn't resist adding her to this post. My New Year's Eve party was not that fancy so I didn't get to get all dolled up like this. It was fun though!

So I have a couple of New Year's resolutions. I know some people don't believe in them but I actually stick to them so I do! I like to believe that each new year really is a great time to think about goals and hopes and making dreams come true. This year I have two goals. Well I guess three since.

1. Journal more often. I love looking back at past journal entries and always wish I took the time to write more of my 12, 15, 18, etc year old thoughts down. Now is the time. At least I will now have my 23rd year pretty well documented. :) and that brings me to my next point. Really 1 1/2...

1 1/2. Blog my thoughts more. And just plain blog more often. I really enjoy sharing the wonderful pretty things I think of/find so I need to make more time for it. Using Boyfriend's computer should help accomplish that!

2. Boyfriend and I have a goal together. hee hee hee. We want to join a flash mob group and do a flash mob!!! Have you guys ever witnessed one?! I have never had the privilege but just sincerely enjoy watching the you tube videos like this one:

or this one:

They just look so fun!!

So Boyfriend doesn't think we are good enough for the last one but I disagree! If we practice enough we can do anything!! The last one also looks like most of the people involved were just sent the routine and told to join in but never actually practiced together. I could do that! I think it might be more fun to meet to practice but depending on what is available in San Diego. 

So I'm on a mission to write more and join a flash mob group. Help hold me accountable! 

I just googled flash mob San Diego and some interesting options came up!! eeeeee! :)

Do you guys have any New Year's Resolutions? Share! I would love to hear about them!!

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