Thursday, January 26, 2012


I don't know about you but I don't like looking at certain things. Dirty dishes, an empty gas tank, an empty glass of wine, and tampon boxes.

Until now!!

I just discovered (online of course) an actually attractive box of tampons. Sounds silly writing it- an attractive box of tampons. But come on! If we can have one more pretty thing in our life, something that we have to buy anyways- I'm in!

 In the words of the artist Heda Holschirr- "A necessity should be beautiful. In my rebranding of Always Tampons, I decided to create geometric, less whimsical packaging for a product that women always have at hand. Clean, sharp, strong, and dainty, Always are now what women have been all along. Definitely not something to be hidden under the bathroom sink!

I whole heartedly agree!

What do you think? Now if I could actually find them....


  1. Cute post! I hate dirty dishes in the sink more than anything in the world!

    1. Ugg right! If only my boyfriend would hate it too then we would never have the problem!!

  2. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.