Friday, January 20, 2012

I would like to introduce you to.....

My Blogging Party Partner in Crime! Well not actually crime I don't intend to do naughty things and she seems super sweet and not likely into that sort of thing either... anyways....

I am so excited to introduce Jessica from Lovely Little Things!

Her blog is adorable and has already inspired me to become more creative! Yay for inspiration! She also was brilliant and sent me an email practically right after we learned we were paired with all sorts of interesting questions. After I answered them for her I asked her to answer them plus one more for me! I thought it would be fun to share her answers with you so that my Sparklers can get to know her too!

1. How long have you been blogging & where did you get the idea for your blog name? 
 I have been blogging since late November 2011 so not very long - I'm a newbie! And I originally wanted to name my blog "All Things Lovely" but it was taken - so since I'm super little compared to all of my friends I settled for Lovely Little Things- and it suits me! 
2. You're stuck on an island - what 5 things are a MUST to have with you? 
iPad (plus charger ;)), boyfriend (yay for Adams!), my kitty, running shoes, and I'll go ahead and steal your idea for the water purification system ;) smart girl lol.
3. What are your 3 favorite things to do...besides blogging of course ;)?  
I love working out/being active/doing anything outside...especially riding bikes with Adam! We just got mountain bikes and I am LOVING IT :) 
I also like to read - like a lot..I'm a huge nerd...and I've come to terms with that lol. And I love going on coffee dates with friends - they're the best!
4. Last one - 3 favorite blogs to read?  
I read about 50 blogs per day so this is hard!
          1. From My Grey Desk was the blog that inspired me to start blogging so that one for sure!
          2. Aunie Sauce 
          3. The Shine Project
          4. Sweetly Complicated
          5. I better stop now before i list every blog on my blog love page ;)

And I wanted to know what she wanted to "be" when she grew up: "I'm a mass comm (public relations) major, but my goal is actually to be an elementary school teacher :)"

I honestly think they have super powers and decided to pair us together because our Boyfriends are both Adam! 

XOXO Sparklers!

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  1. :) yay!
    I'm gonna post about you on the 31st when we post about our little gifts!

    WHICH I am putting yours together this weekend and having it shipped Monday-ish so GET EXCITED!

    Thanks for the shout out and have a wonderful weekend, pretty girl!