Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I say YES to cute boots

So my tall brown boots that I have had since junior year of college have officially died.

They had a great run though. Literally. I wore them all around France, Italy, and England and when S. and I were still at the Eiffel Tower and realized we needed to catch our train to Nice in 20 minutes I ran in them too. (We didn't miss our train- THANK GOODNESS)

But anyways- it was time for a new pair. I have been loving the exposed zipper trend of this season.

And right before Thanksgiving I bought these sexy numbers.


Unfortunately you can't see the exposed zipper up the back or the exact finishing of the leather but they are beautiful. I'm a little concerned that they are too sexy but hey- I'm 23! If not now then when?!

When I tell you!?

I feel like I think about this a lot. I'm young but I don't want to seem too sexy. At least not everyday- sexy for the right occasion is important ;)

Do you ever think about this? Issue? Predicament? I don't know what to call it. But I am very aware of it. Am I the only one?

Do you embrace your age and sexiness? How? When?

OK so this post became more than just me gushing about my new boots. It also makes me sound like I think I am the bees knees- and while I think it is important to have positive self esteem- that was not really the point here...... hummmm. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hey E!

    #1 I can't see any of your boots photos :(

    #2 I think that boots are awesome and fit almost any occasion! They create a great silhouette from your hips to your toes! I was thinking about your post and how when I get all dressed up to go out on the weekends to the bars etc (which isn't all that often), I love the feeling of being all sexified, I feel myself get sassier by the minute. However, I don't think I dress it much outside of those occassions, other than wearing boots more than any other shoe.