Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lipstick and Economics

I have been really into wearing lipstick lately. Have you? I read somewhere a while ago that lipstick sales are a bellwether (do you like that college econ reference?) for how the economy is doing. More lipstick sales says that consumers have less confidence in the economy.... well when I started writing this post I just wanted to talk about my current lipstick habits. I didn't mean to go into discussing the economy....

Anyways... lipstick. A while ago I was rocking fuchsia lips. And I still do, and more often recently since I am man-less and don't have to worry about my man not wanting to kiss my pink lips. Maybe that is why I am wearing more lipstick lately! Epiphany! Another win for  my new normal!!

Recently I discovered Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, de-lightful (please read in a Mary Poppins accent to get the full effect)! Smooth, vibrant and since its a butter it doesn't dry like some lipsticks do. My current fav is Raspberry Pie, but to be honest I have a bunch of colors on my christmas wish list (like Red Velvet and Sugar Plum) too.

And last but not least I am loving this Clinique one All Heart. I received a postcard in the mail for a free full size and it was such a pleasant surprise. It's a really nice pink shade that subtly darkens my natural lip color for a more everyday not wanting to make such a statement shade. Happiness.

So, tell me? How do you feel about the economy? Just kidding! But are you wearing more lipstick lately too? Am I just getting older and even more old ladyish? Do you have a go to shade that I should try?

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