Thursday, November 15, 2012

Me time

I needed a little me time this morning. I am actually getting plenty of me time lately but I guess I just needed some special me time.

This whole being alone thing is weird. I discovered not too long ago that I as a person do not need a lot of alone time. I'm basically good after my car ride home from work. That 20 minute drive with my music is allllll the time I need. By the time I walk in the door I am ready to talk and chat (yes talking and chatting are two different things) or do something so this pretty much all the time alone time is a transition. And so far a lonely one.

I have been going to amazing yoga classes after work as much as possible and that has really helped. The teachers are amazing and being in a room with like minded individuals has helped me not feel so alone. But. But I can't go to yoga every day. And. And I need to learn to be enough.

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