Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obsession - Fuchsia Lips

Ooh La La I LOVE my fuchsia lips right now. Whenever I glide that bright, happy color across my lips I instantly feel put together and fabulous. 

BTDubs LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls AND she is rocking my fav trend. LOVE

Before this tube of fuchsia glory, I had never utilized lipstick as an accessory, and now I am hooked. I only bust out my fuchsia for special occasions, wait… who am I kidding I wear it any chance I get! But in all honesty I only wear it to work occasionally, I don’t want to ruin the magic by making it my normal hue of course. But as I was saying, before this magical tube I wore the same color every day, a practical warm color with a hint of shimmer. But now when I swipe the fuchsia glory on my lips it's to bring an outfit and my attitude together. 

(Has anyone else noticed that fuchsia is one of those words that when you look at it too much it starts to look like its spelled incredibly wrong??? I am the first to admit that spelling has never been my forte but I’m pretty sure I am spelling it correctly but it looks wrong! Oh well.

I’m obsessed with Covergirl’s Lip Perfection in Spellbound. I honestly wear it, like I said, any chance I get.  On Wednesday I put it on after work to ride my bike to the library. I am not kidding. Oh and I almost forgot it smells really good too.
Covergirl Lip Perfection - Spellbound

The one downfall to this bright, cheery color is Boyfriend is hesitant to kiss me! GASP! Oh well guess the cheek will have to do, because there is no way I’m letting this color go yet!



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