Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Very Own Camping Kitchen

Growing up we were tent campers. And we camped a lot. A lot of my best childhood memories are from camping trips with the same families, doing pretty much the same thing- running around, climbing trees, building forts, you know kid stuff. Somewhere along the way my dad created a camping kitchen for us to make it easier. And then my parents decided to get a motor home and we sold the camping kitchen and have been doing that style of camping for a while now.

But times are changing, my parents don't have kids at home anymore so they are going back to the basics. That means a new camping kitchen. And while my dad was making theirs he decide to be nice to his only daughter and make me one TOO!

So you are probably asking yourself "What is this dear girl talking about? A camping kitchen?! Who has a kitchen while they are camping? If this really is a kitchen then the poor little girl is not really camping."

Well can I tell you that it is still camping (well the kinda camping where you drive up to your camping spot and circle the so called wagons and pitch your tent- kinda camping, my kind of camping). It's a pretty awesome, relaxing, fun type of camping.

So my dad made me the most adorable camping kitchen. It's like the young adult version of my parents. I now realize that I should have taken a picture of the two side by side. But I didn't- sorry. I'll have to do that on their first camping trip together. Oh my goodness we should name them! Don't you think I should name mine!?

Here it is opened. Oh and thats my dad in the background. He's the best. See how cool it is?! The top compartment on the right is for paper towels, and the bottom one is big enough for pots and pans. Then the other side I can store silverware, foil, spices all those types of things. And the table part, which is a perfect work station, folds up to close it up when you need to move it or store it, or at night time camping in the desert so all of your stuff doesn't blow away. (My amigos that were on the most recent camping trip with me know what I am talking about when I talk about middle of the night desert winds..... serious wind people.... serious.)

Here is the top. I painted flowers on it too. One on the top, two on the front door, and a couple on the back.


Here's the back. That light paint spot in the middle is where I was touching up some holidays in the paint. It will dry all one color.

Isn't it the best! I can't wait to stock it up and take it on its first voyage!! I'll keep you posted! :)

Oh and later that day (Sunday, that is) Boyfriend and I went back over there and had dinner with my parents and my great-grandmother Noni.

Here is a picture of my mom and Noni. She is 96! Isn't she awesome!

So what do you think I should name her? The camping kitchen that is :)

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  1. A camping kitchen?!
    That's so awesome!
    I love camping and that sucker would come in handy!

    Love that family picture - PRECIOUS!