Monday, March 12, 2012

A Hunger Games Playlist!

So excited for the premiere!! And I recently stumbled upon a Hunger Games Mix!! I don't know about you but in high school I made myself (and others) quite a few awesome mixes. One of my all time favs was one I made as a party favor for my water park sweet sixteen. It includes the Hilary Duff song "Sweet Sixteen", "High School" (sorry couldn't find the artist. It's a punk rocky one where they talk about the glories of high school.. came out around 2004 or so...), it may have even included a Hoku song, you know other classics from HS. 

Well on a recent blog browse I discovered a cute new blog! Have you ever visited I have become so inspired just browsing. I love that she offers not only free monthly playlists but also free fonts! Neat!

So after all my babbling here is the playlist including her justification of each song! I love it. Thank you Design Editor!! 

Without spoiler details, some of the lyrics that tie into the story: 
  • THE CAVE by MUMFORD & SONS: Cause I need freedom now / And I need to know how / To live my life as it's meant to be
  • STADIUM LOVE by METRIC: Every living thing / Pushed into the ring / Fight it out / To wow the crowd
  • BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE by NEW ORDER: (The title speaks for itself!)
  • AS YOU ARE by TRAVIS: And ever since I was young I had no choice / But it's OK to lead me on / I must admit it's not much fun / To be led on by such a one / As you are
  • SONGBIRD by EVA CASSIDY: And the songbirds keep singing / Like they know the score 
  • LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD by PAT BENATAR: We are young / Heartache to heartache / We stand
  • DO THE PANIC by PHANTOM PLANET: I guess we're all in trouble, huh? / Black clouds are upon us / And it's doomsday on the other side of town
  • GIRL IN THE WAR by JOSH RITTER: Pretend the dove from above is a dragon / and your feet are on fire
  • POISON ARROW by ABC: Shoot that poison arrow through my heart
  • I WILL SURVIVE by GLORIA GAYNOR: (This was too easy)
AHHH! So excited for the movie. Do you guys have any grand plans?? I haven't made any official ones yet but want to go all out! :)


  1. I love that you've shared a playlist for the hunger games! I'm so excited about seeing the movie!