Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Empowerment, Purpose, and Adventure

Just discovered an amazing jewelry company called 31 Bits. Have you heard of them? 31 Bits Designs is a socially minded business designed to give internally displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to counter poverty. By giving our beneficiaries access to the international market, they are able to earn an instant income, providing homes, food, and education for their families. Our program equips women by providing literacy education, financial and vocational training, holistic care, and strong support systems, empowering individuals to further their careers and attain social equity.

They have a ton of really pretty unique pieces that I am crushing on and I absolutely LOVE what they say about the theme of their Spring line-

"Our Spring line, Chasing Daylight, represents living lives filled with empowerment, purpose, and adventure. It’s about taking risks, setting goals, and seizing every moment. It’s for those who dream big and refuse to give up. Over 100 women in Uganda are living with this kind of freedom. Some are setting goals for the first time in their lives, some are starting their own businesses, and all of them are rising above poverty."

I just love that. I want my life to be filled with empowerment, purpose and adventure. I am going to make a conscious effort to make that true. During my yoga classes they suggest setting an intention. Usually I set it to only think about positive thoughts or dedicating my practice to someone in particular- sometime me if I feel I need it or a friend, but for now I am going to set my intention on living an empowering life, one with purpose and adventure. 

Lately I have been so busy that when I finally get home after work and babysitting around 9:30 I just want to crash. I need to take more time throughout the day to smell the roses, notice the little things that make me smile, so that I feel more human and less of a robot. I think it will make me a better.... everything.... employee, babysitter, daughter, friend, sister, girl friend... everything.
There is a powerful video on the 31 Bits website but I can't figure out how to embed it. Bahh I hate when I can't figure out what should be an easy piece of technology! Anyone have any advice? It's not on youtube but a vimeo....

Also I don't know if you ever visit the fun blog whoorl but that is how I learned about 31 Bits and they are offering a discount! 20% off your online order with the code WHOORL20 from now until April 4th. Sweet! Thanks 31 Bits for being awesome and Whoorl for sharing their awesomeness.


  1. This is really awesome!
    I just ordered a bracelet from them for my sister's birthday.
    Thanks E!

    1. That's great! I hope your sister doesn't start reading my blog in the meantime!! :)