Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home on the Brain

So Boyfriend is attempting to buy a home. We spend our Sundays roaming the neighborhood frequenting open houses searching and searching for the perfect one. Since Boyfriend is in real estate/construction we are looking for a slight fixer. Ideally one that is livable without living in filth but where we can update the kitchen, possibly bathrooms, etc. 

So as I browse Pinterest these days I am obsessed with beautiful homes. Beautiful shiny white kitchens with wood accents, large bathtubs in bright light bathrooms, and color. Well light and color. Our current apartment only has two sources of light: the window in the front bedroom and the glass slider in the living room. So I am craving light!

This little corner may be my favorite. I love the creamy yellow walls, the glass backsplash, and wood countertops. I LOVE wood counters right now. I don't like how they varnished them but I can over look it just this once. ;) 

COLOR!! This kitchen makes me so happy! I want my house to be this cheery. I showed it to Boyfriend and he was uninspired. I currently have to deal with black, very manly furniture. But Muha ha ha hopefully that will gradually change!

Oh goodness! How adorable is this kitchen?! This kitchen almost makes me want to live alone! Almost!! Too bad it is too much fun playing house with the Boyfriend. Maybe I can talk Boyfriend into a pink kitchen? My negotiation skills are good but I don't know if I'm that good....

Look how amazing this one is?! I love the green walls. And that tub!! I die. This is most definitely out of budget but a girl can dream right?

I apparently love green. I never knew I loved this soft green this much. But the green and the white and the wood- smiles.

 Sorry if this is boring but it is on my mind. We are waiting to hear back from an offer that Boyfriend has made! So any good vibes you can send our way would be uber appreciated!!!! :)


  1. Good luck :)

    And I love the yellow wall kitchen and green wall bathroom...that tub..oh girl!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. That bright & cheery kitchen is SO cute! And I'm with Jessica on the tub. How awesome would it be to soak in that every night?!

    BTW, I've tagged you in a post! Hope you'll check it out & play along :)

  3. love those yellow walls and the wood countertops! some day!