Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I'm Reading

Alice in Wonderland. Yes. That wasn't that exciting you say (or think in your head since you are probably not reading out loud).

But I am also currently reading this-

So why am I reading this??? Well I have a simple answer for you. Because I am becoming a BIG SISTER!!!!!

Yes, I have since the age of two and a half been a big sister. But starting in December I will be a Big Sister to a young 11 year old girl!!! I am so excited! Sooooo with that I learned that her favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well, I never read that when I was a kid- was that book even out when I was a kid??? Anyways- so I wanted to read it to learn more about her and her sense of humor.

My boss actually lent me her son's copy (age 12. Yep I'm that cool- reading a book her 12 year old son read....) and I am actually enjoying it. It's clever and funny and I really appreciate the author's humor and reflection of 'his' middle school life. I'm only 30 or so pages in but I recommend it, if you're into that sort of thing.

I can't wait to meet my new Little and get to know her.


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