Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rustic Spaghetti

This is a meal that I love to make. It is a variation of a meal that my Italian friend V taught me to make when I was in her home town of Milan last February. (funny thing is her name is actually V. Well not on her passport or anything but her nickname. Usually I call my friends by their first initial on Sparkle just to keep their privacy but she is actually V. Maybe I should change her name here? ha!)
It is delicious and easy and always impresses people when you tell them you are making/have made homemade spaghetti sauce. So here is the recipe!

First thing I did tonight is prepare some chicken. One of the great things about this dish is you can use whatever you have or whatever you feel like. We haven't had chicken in a while so chicken it was tonight! Just pretty basic- salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic, and this creole seasoning. We just moved in and are lacking some pretty basic seasons such as anything resembling Italian.

Then I started the veggies- specifically onions and bell pepper. As I finished cutting the bell pepper I realized that I should have used the yellow one I had instead of the red one that so that my dish would be more interesting. Oh well.

I wanted to sweat these in some olive oil. It's not an exact science. Just yumminess. Onions, bell peppers, salt, pepper, olive oil, red pepper flakes cause the Boyfriend and I love it spicy, and more of that creole seasoning.

 By the way, the water in now boiling in the back. I always add some salt to my water as I'm bringing it to a boil so my pasta is more flavorful. Another trick I learned on my Italian adventure last year.

Then I start loving the tomatoes. Roma tomatoes to be exact.

I think next time I'll use heirloom tomatoes. My old roommate always used them and they are absolutely delicious. But when I was at Trader Joe's last they didn't have any, or at least I didn't see any.... 

So I like to cut them up into quarters sort of... I like the sauce to be rustic :)

Then I throw them in the pan with the onions and bell peppers. And let that stew. We want it to be saucy and yummy. I'm getting tired of how often I am using the word yummy. Sorry. I can only imagine how you all feel. I'll try and be better next time but this dish is just too yummy- shoot! I did it again.

So once the veggies are soft and saucy and your noodles are done. Add the cooked chicken to your veggies, drain your noodles and get ready for some deliciousness.

And a beer. Yum.

I hope you all get a chance to embrace your inner Italian! Enjoy!

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