Monday, July 18, 2011

I Wanna Read! Do you?

So I have been obsessed with The Hunger Games like most people I know these days.

Have you read them? You should. They are about a different, future world after natural disasters, civil wars, everything, where The Capitol controls 12 Districts of what used to be North America.  The Capitol, in a way to display their power, mandates that every district have a lottery to send one girl and one boy, from the ages of 12-18, to the Hunger Games where they fight to the death.

Before you go "Woah there Elise a little intense all of a sudden?" Yes, they are intense. But they are compelling, riveting and capitvating. Collins has taken me into their world. While I definitely don't want to be a part of it forever, it has been one fascinating place to visit.

So after reading that amazing trilogy I needed something else that could compare. A friend suggested The Giver  and since I never read it in school (I went to a public school in Southern California, a sad state of affairs if you ask me) I decided to pick up a copy.

I feel like I won't do it justice by saying this but OMG. So fascinating!! A completely different future world where everything is the same. Sameness goes. Everyone is fed, and clothed, and is a contributing member of society. Doesn't sound so bad does it, just wait. Please read it if you haven't yet, or just haven't in a long time. It has rocked my young adult mind. I finished this lovely little pocket book (my favorite kind BTW) in no time flat.

And now I need something as fascinating to read. How in the world am I supposed to top these four books? I can't possibly go onto some summer beach read from here. I need your help Sparklers. I wanna read! What are you reading? I heard about a series called The Maze Runner that is supposed to be similar to The Hunger Games but still doesn't compare (the same reference says). Have you read anything riveting lately? Thanks.



  1. #1 LOVE the Hunger Games...

    #2 I can't believe you have never read The Giver! I read it in like 6th grade or something and it has been one of my favorite books ever since! I love it! And I have to say one of my favorite parts (without giving too much away) is "color"... anyways so good...

    #3 I am reading a book right now that is realy good but kind of intense and around 500 pages long called Cutting for Stone, if you (or anyone else is interested) it is really great but a long one.

  2. Read some vonnegut! Often uses future to make commentary on current society! Sounds right up this alley!

  3. I have read Monkey House after one of your previous recommendations and liked it- I should look into Vonnegut again. :)