Thursday, July 21, 2011

If Not Now...

So I have been thinking about this for a while but I really want to volunteer. And if that isn't inexpensive, I mean free, fun I don't know what is. I have been missing my 'kid' fix. Until my current real world situation I always found a way to volunteer with or babysit the kiddies. I miss them. But my problem is I work full time. I am a contributing member of society I tell you! So finding the right volunteer position is going to take some research and finangling (real word? I don't think so but I bet you know what I am trying to say).

So far I have found three contenders: 1) Girl Scouts, shaping the women leaders of tomorrow? I'm in! 2) Everyone a Reader with the San Diego Unified School District, I think we have already established that I love reading and children so what could be better? 3) Boys & Girls Club of America, mentor kids while working out? Perfect? I think so!

So now how do I decide? I have been thinking about this for a while and haven't made the next step. I'm hoping that by telling you all that it will help me hold myself accountable and actually do this. My next step is to figure out the time commitment for each and see if I can continue to work a normal day or if I will need to ask to work on flex time the day a week in order to volunteer.

Do your jobs give you time to volunteer? Our partner United Way gives their employees time each week to volunteer. Cool right? They only work 38 hours a week so a lot of times they end up"volunteering" for United Way cause they are stuck at work. But in theory it sounds great. I luckily have flex time where as long as I work 40 hours I'm good. If I work late for a board meeting or early for a presentation at 5:30 AM (AHHHH) then I get to leave work early on Friday to head to the beach. True story happened last Friday and the week before that!

So this week, actually give me next week too I have a really busy week this week, I am going to call these three organizations and see what my options are. Let's see if they have the perfect opportunity for a girl like me who enjoys spending time with kids helping them be stronger people while they help me be a better person.

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