Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Loving the Warm Weather!!

The time has come! It is officially bathing suit season!

For the past few years I have patiently waited for Victoria's Secret bathing suit sale to make my yearly bathing suit purchase. These are some of my favs this year-

LOVE the ruffles! Enough said! I almost bought this one!

I have an addiction to blue suits. Love how simple and cute this one is. And apparently it's padded...

Love this color

Ohh wait! Love this color!

And after a lot of deliberation I decided on....
This one! Look how cute the ruffles are on the behind!! (yep I just said behind)

And the best part about all of these suits is they are all $49 and under! I say yes please and thank you to sales!

Have you bought your new summer of 2011 suit yet?

1 comment:

  1. You would buy a suit with ruffles on the butt!
    I love the yellow and teal combo... I'm glad you posted this because I did not know the sale was going on. I bought two new suits on sale this year, earlier in the season (both on sale and my old suits were from more than 2 years ago)!