Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Some Cute Things

Happy Monday!

One of my favorite things to do is create virtual outfits, well honestly I love creating real outfits and if I had unlimited funding then it would be a perfect world, but till then virtual outfits will have to do!

And on this gloomy Monday afternoon I'm in the mood to share some accessories that I am craving.

Aerosoles Wedges

Love these tan wedges. I actually just bought these and was surprised by the color they turned out to be. They are definitely tan not the lovely blush color they seem in this picture. I still love them and am definitely enjoying working out new outfits to wear them with. Like these white bootcut pants and top that are still on a wish list of mine. I really really really want these white bootcut pants. I am constantly checking the Gap website for them to go on sale....

Wish I knew where this was from... sorry...

Skinny Boot Jeans

And I'm very excited to share another love of mine- Noon Jewlery is beautiful, stunning, and oh so girly. Boyfriend got me these white coin pearl drop earrings for Christmas this past year and I have to try not to wear them everyday- they are just perfect!

Dove White Coin Pearl Drops

Ahhh I love looking at these pretty things... yesterday I wore my new wedges to the Mother's Day festivities and some pictures were taken, which is a shocking event for one of our family functions. Once I receive the pictures I'll edit this and share them.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday!



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