Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hi There!

As I sit here watching the royal wedding of William and Kate and drinking a lovely cup of coffee, I want to welcome you to my blog!

I want to apologize in advance for any typos or spelling errors, I'm not perfect but I try! I tell Boyfriend that I'm practically perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins, yep thats me.

My goal for this space is to share and learn with young things like me how to sparkle and live a full life on a budget. I'm honestly getting really tired of this recession and how EVERYONE references "the times are tough" or doing this and that "on a budget". But for me, as a 22-year old working for a nonprofit even without the recession, I would be living on a budget.

When I first graduated (December 2009) and started working I started to browse for a blog just like the one I hope to be creating. One that shares and showcases cute young professional outfits (I will sure try to bring that here), healthy recipes for two (I love making enough dinner for lunch the next day or for Boyfriend), and other fabulous finds to decorate or use when planning get togethers.

Please join and follow me, let's sparkle together!

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