Monday, June 11, 2012

What I've Been Up To

So I have been a busy girl lately. Boyfriend and I are moving into a new place that was my Great-Grandmother's. The space and location are GREAT. It's current state... not so much....
Isn't the wall paper lovely?

Wow right. That wall paneling... One side of the master.
The other wall of the master
My new camera! Still learning to use it.... and the guest bath.
So Boyfriend, my Poppy and I spent alllll weekend taking care of that lovely wall paper. But first my dear friend M and her bf DW stopped by with our favorite bagels.

And this is the second time Boyfriend and I have invited M and DW over without any proper furniture first. Ha! But to be fair we haven't even moved in yet this time around!!!

So once we got to work Saturday morning... and then kept working alllllll day... the kitchen FINALLY looked like this!!!

Sorry for the fuzzy wuzzy...

Then Boyfriend and I went home (and I babysat that night for three adorable children...) and slept. We both dreamt about peel wall paper. Have you ever done it. Man oh man. At first it was cathartic. Then it just became a serious pain. For realio.
Boyfriend was much better at peeling wall paper than I am. You can totally tell where Boyfriend stripped and where I finished because of the patch work that needed to be done. We all have our hidden talents. Stripping wall paper is not mine.
Then Sunday bright and early we were back and painting this time!

Ahhh! No wallpaper!!!! :)

White!! Weeeee!
The place is still dated but so much better! I'm just imagining it as a cool Mad Men inspired pad. Dream with me please.

And we also painted the bedroom.
There is my cutie. Working away. Sigh.
 We listened to the Joe Jackson station on Pandora all day Sunday and it was so much fun. Definitely need to rock him more often. Try it. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

So much better right!?

We still have lots of work to do and hopefully I'll get some more pictures up here to share soon. Hopefully with a little "After" photo action too.

And P.S. does anyone know of someone who is in the market for an elderly accessible tub? It has a seat and is on the market. I must sell it in order to get a normal shower/tub situation. Please!!! I'm desperate to be able to soak horizontally!!!

Charming right? Help!

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  1. OMG Yay!

    E, the kitchen and master look so much better with just some new paint and work. I think this place has tons of potential!