Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know it has been a really long time and for that I want to apologize. I have just been to busy to take the time to compile a post. My computer is slow so it takes a while to share properly.

But enough with the excuses.

I want to share something that I have been obsessing over for quite a while now. Ever since I first laid my green eyes on the Fall L.L. Bean Catalog:
Aren't they a beaut!

 Yes, I realize that I live is San Diego and the weather doesn't really warrant such practical footwear, but I want them. I have an unhealthy obsession with them. I have mentally pictured numerous adorable outfits with them. So I am going to get them. They are a complete investment in my future and for only $69 I think I can handle that. I'm even hoping to get them from Nordstrom's Rack or some handy place like that. I will be wearing them to my 95th birthday party (it's also irrelevant that my birthday is in June. It may be cold and rainy- who knows with global warming these days) so friends out there- get ready to see me donning these lovely babies on June 27th, 2083.

(Wow isn't that date is a doozie!)

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